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crates and barrels for dungeons & dragons scatter scenery terrain
miniature crates and barrels for dungeons and dragons tabletop rpg gaming

Crates & Barrels


Got tiny things to ship or store?  Treasure to hide?  Bodies to hide?  Stick it in one of our tiny crates or barrels.  The crates measure 3/4" (20mm) square, and crates can be used for scatter terrain in your dungeon, cavern, or whatever setting you choose.  They are even open on one side to give you an option for use in your adventures.  The barrels are 5/8" (15mm) in diameter, and 3/4" (19mm) tall.

Comes with laser cut MDF parts to make 5 Wooden Crates and 6 Barrels.

This is a model kit, so assembly is required.  The pieces come in a flat parts board, but putting them together only takes a few minutes, a hobby knife, and some glue.