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dungeons & dragons 5e spell effect wall of fire miniature
dnd5e spell effects miniatures ice fire
wall of fire spell effect for dungeons and dragons
wall of ice spell effect for dungeons and dragons

Walls of Ice & Fire (Spell Effects)


Cast a Wall of Ice or Wall of Fire with our spell effects miniatures.  Made with an MDF base, and acrylic effects, these really add some visual "pop" when you place them on your gaming surface... along with damage to your enemies, of course.  Comes with enough pieces to cast a 10" (25cm) long wall of ice or fire.


  • 2x - 3" (76mm) MDF Bases
  • 2x - 2" (50mm) MDF Bases
  • 2x - 3" Fire Spell Effect
  • 2x - 2" Fire Spell Effect
  • 2x - 3" Ice Spell Effect
  • 2x - 2" Ice Spell Effect

Suitable for all 25mm, 28mm, 32mm gaming

Comes unassembled, and unpainted.  No glue required.  Miniatures shown are for scale and visual purposes... they are not included.