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gelatinous cube miniature for dungeons & dragons
gelatinous cube mini for d&d, pathfinder, gaming
gelatinous cube mini for tabletop rpg
gelatinous cube miniature for d&d, pathfinder, gaming
gelatinous cube miniature for tabletop rpg

Jelly Cube


"As you turn the corner in the narrow corridor, you see a large, gelatinous cube that is oozing and squishing, and enveloping everything in its path... and it seems to be moving right toward you!"

Our Jelly Cube is sized for 25/28mm gaming at 2" (51mm) cubed (#dadjoke).  We made it a transparent yellowish-green because that just seemed appropriate.  We also left the bottom open, so you can place your mini(s) inside the cube while the other heroes try a daring rescue.

Made in the USA with laser cut Acrylic.  Assembly required.  Miniature figures not included.