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Sci-Fi Modular Tile Set for Gaming
Modular gaming tiles for sci-fi futuristic gaming
sci-fi tile close up with mini for scale
28mm sci-fi modular gaming tiles

40pc. Sci-Fi Modular Tile Set (28mm Games)


Blast off your imagination with our Modular Sci-Fi Gaming Tiles.  Designed for 25mm to 32mm tabletop and RPG games, and made from durable 5mm MDF, these tiles will give you enjoyment for years to come!  The tiles can be arranged in an endless number of ways, giving you a new experience every time you play.  We expertly assemble the tile set, so they're ready to play right out of the box.  Stores neatly inside the box for easy storage.  Highly detailed engraving increases the level of immersion your players experience during your gaming sessions, and they can also be painted to bring an extra dimension of reality!

  • Ready to Play Out of the Box
  • Easy, Compact Storage
  • Durable 5mm MDF
  • Highly Detailed Engraving
  • Can be Painted

*Any miniatures or accessories shown in photos are not included