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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much assembly is involved?  All of our products are shipped flat.  This keeps your shipping cost down to a minimum.  That being the case, there is assembly involved in all of them.  The longest time needed to assemble, would be the TRU-Grid Set(s).  So... turn on your favorite show to binge, and go to town!

2. What kind of glue should I use?  We recommend a combination of a quality wood (PVA) glue, and super glue.  Apply a couple of drops here and there of the super glue, and then apply the wood glue to the rest.  Make sure you end up with more wood glue, than super glue.  The super glue is only there to make assembly a bit faster, but the wood glue forms a less brittle bond after it sets up.

3. Can I paint the MDF?  Yes, you can!  We recommend that you seal it with a primer first.  After that, paint away!  Whatever method of painting you choose, try it out on one of the scrap pieces after you've punched out the parts.  Also, do as much assembly with glue as you can prior to paint.  This way, the glue is able to adhere to the bare surfaces first.