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Turn your Game Night into an Immersive Experience with our modular tiles and accessories for your favorite 28mm tabletop/RPG games

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Welcome To Red Dragon Minis

We love tabletop RPG's, and we love the miniature terrain that goes with it.  From Modular Dungeon Tiles, to pieces of tiny furniture, we make a line of gaming accessories that will immerse you and your players in the worlds you create.  All of our products are meant for 28-32mm games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, and Frostgrave.  If you've never had a gaming session with visual props, check out what you've been missing today!


The Immersion Factor has just been boosted! - James J.

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we still play with toys...

And we love it!  We love it so much, we decided to start making them.  Laser cut MDF and Acrylic accessories for your Tabletop RPG and Dungeon Adventures, made right here in the USA!